In the late 60's a physician from Florida added carbohydrate and electrolytes to water and it showed an improvement in rehydration and endurance. Although there are many different brands and flavors of sports drinks on the market today they all have the same basic formula as developed by the physician 30 years ago.

Beyond Hydration

Replenishing fluids during exercise is crucial. When the body is depleted of fluid through sweating, the body's temperature elevates and performance drops. Rehydration is the most important function of a sports drink and almost all sports drinks do an excellent job in this regard, as does water. In addition to fluids, muscles also need energy to work optimally. That's why sports drinks are better than water since most contain carbohydrate (the ideal amount is 6-9%). CORE ENERGY is based upon a blend of simple and complex carbohydrates and electrolytes which will provide the body with nutrients as well as influence physiological responses to fluid absorption, hydration and performance. Our formula provides two different glycemic sources of carbohydrates for immediate and prolonged energy during long and intense workouts. The low osmolitity of CORE ENERGY and its ideal 8% carbohydrate solution provides superior fluid absorption. Clinical research shows that energy drink mixed between 6-8% offers the optimal absorption of both carbohydrates abd fluid for endurance racing and training.e workout. The low osmolality of the CoreEnergy and ideal 9% carbohydrate solution provides superior fluid absorption.

Longer Lasting Energy