At Uno Nutrition we are committed to delivering high quality nutritional products to bridge the nutrition gap of all ages. Uno Nutrition is committed to taking nutrition from research, through manufacture, to end products that ensure you, and your loved ones, receive a premium product specially designed for you. We are expert in formulating Healthy Aging to those in needs

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The story of Uno Nutrition: An Evolution

We specialise in:

Healthy Lifestyle

Feel amazing from the inside and out with our health and lifestyle range

Clinical Nutrition

A range of oral high-protein and/or high-calorie dietary supplements for undernourished patients or patients at risk of undernourishment.

Sport Nutrition

Offers a variety of natural sports nutrition products to help boost workout performance and recovery.

Infant Formula

Formulation for infants that are individually tailored to help nourish brain development and help support infant milestones.

Healthy Aging

Blend of evidence-based ingredients to help reduce the effects of aging by naturally replenishing key compounds that decline with age.

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We take care to conduct quality checks for safety and compliance with the regulations needed by you and your suppliers in each country’s market. Our established network of field, laboratory and project management personnel can assist your private brand team to deliver.

A Brief Introduction to Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Dietary fats play a vital role to our overall health. It is crucial to give our body energy, help us absorb essential fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E, and K, and to support cell growth.

Food irradiation is one of the techniques used to process and preserve food and it was first commercially used in Germany back in 1950s. Initially, irradiation was used to replace canning for space foods and for military rations.

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