Infant Formula

Finlac LActose Free

Uno Nutrition Infant Formula, Finlac Lactose Free Formula growth formula for lactose intolerance baby.

Infant Formula Uno Nutrition Finlac Lactose Free
Infant Formula Uno Nutrition Finlac

Finlac Stage 1

Uno Nutrition Infant Formula, Finlac Infant Formula 1 Growth formula for baby from 0 – 6 months 

Benefits of finlac Infant formula

Omega 3 & Omega 6

DHA & AHA Precursors


Overall Mental Function Support


Mental & Physical Development


Eye & Brain Development

Breast Feeding
is best for Babies

Breast milk is the most nutritional nourishment an infant can receive but at times breast feeding is impracticable or inaccessible due to certain reasons. Therefore, to meet the requirements of these deprived off babies, infant formula is the best alternative substitute with all the nutritional requirements (not equivalent to breast milk) which the medicinal community considers satisfactory for infants and children.

We nourish the malnourished

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