The Covid 19 epidemic has changed the way most people do most things, including going out to the gym. Being confined at home by CMCO, or fear, doesn’t mean that you and the ones you love have to stop going to the gym. Now’s the time to use your home space more effectively. Building a gym at home doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money and you can still keep fit and work on your bodybuilding in the safety, and convenience, of your own home. Just follow these easy steps.

Step 1 – Use your home space

Making more of your home space isn’t difficult, just have a little think about that spare room that you don’t really use or your terrace that you can exercise on. The exact space for your home gym may depend on the type of workouts you want to do. Yoga and pilates may only need slightly more space than a yoga mat but bodybuilding and weight lifting with dumbbells might need a bit more.

Step 2 – Equip your home gym

It’s sale time at many shops so look out for some bargain priced gym equipment. You may not need a lot of equipment, or bulky machines, to make your home gym an effective place to exercise. For cardio save the money you’d spend on a bulky treadmill and just pick up a skipping rope. For bodybuilding invest in a pair of dumbbells, or even an entire set, that give you the same muscle toning without the need for bulky storage. Don’t forget to try Trucasein+ after your workout. Trucasein+ is a new, affordable Micellar Casein protein supplement by Uno Nutrition that will help you build extra muscles after your workout.

Step 3 – Make a Storage Plan

If you want to pack lots of equipment in a small space, storage is key. For minimalist workout routines, pick up a storage container that you can slide under your bed. You can also turn an empty wall into a storage space with a hanging organiser. For sets of dumbbells, you’ll need a compact weight rack. You can store your nutrition supplements next to it to remind you to keep taking your nutrition supplements after your workout.

Step 4 – Design Your New Routine

For your home gym, make sure you have plenty of light, either natural or from overhead light bulbs. Mirrors are also great for watching and monitoring yourself. To get the most out of your new home gym routine try taking a healthy, protein supplement after your workout. Trucasein+ is a Micellar Casein protein supplement, ideal for bodybuilders, that can be consumed in a tasty shake after your workout.

Step 5 – Put your home gym to good use

Just like your old gym, you’ll get the most benefit if you use it, regularly. The cost of a gym membership can sometimes be much more than its true value. When you get used to your new home gym, think about canceling your old gym membership.

You may stop going out to your old gym but don’t stop taking your new, affordable nutrition supplements by Uno Nutrition Sdn Bhd.

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