Working From Home can take its toll on your waistline. We have all heard of different diets that will help us lose weight. Most of us have friends of family members who have tried and sometimes succeeded in losing weight and keeping their weight down. Two main ways to lose weight are simply to eat less and exercise more. Then there are habits. Changing what and how much you eat, and your exercise routine, can be difficult and even harder to sustain. Finding and keeping up your motivation is essential. If you and the ones you love really want to age gracefully then taking nutrition supplements specifically designed for weight loss can help your journey.


Some good things happen quickly, others take time. Losing a lot of weight fast may make you look and feel good but it isn’t necessarily good for your overall health. Rapid weight loss, due to changing your diet or excessive exercise, can put strain on your heart. Taking nutrition supplements specifically designed for weight loss should be combined with regular, gentle exercise to optimise the benefits. TRUFAST is one of the new nutrition supplements available from Uno Nutrition Sdn Bhd specifically designed to help you and the ones you love with your weight loss journey. Consuming TRUFAST nutrition supplements regularly will;

  1. Reduce your appetite and hunger pangs
  2. Add fibre that will help your body work better
  3. Boost your vitamins and your mood and energy levels
  4. Increase amino acids that burn fat instead of storing it
  5. Helps you establish and maintain healthy habits

Don’t forget to follow the guidance on the labels for the amount of TRUFAST to consume daily to achieve and maintain your optimal weight loss.

Evidence based nutrition supplements

TRUFAST doesn’t just help for you and the ones you love to lose weight it is also specifically designed for people who suffer from mild obesity. A 2018 study published in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine found that overweight or obese women who took supplementation for six weeks lost more weight than women who did not receive supplements as part of the study. Uno Nutrition works together with nutrition scientists so formulate a wide variety of nutrition supplements that are evidence based and designed to help you and the ones you love to age gracefully.

Uno Nutrition Sdn Bhd was established to provide affordable nutrition supplements for people of all ages. Losing and keeping your weight down will make you look better and feel better about looking better. Try TRUFAST as a daily nutrition supplement for you and the ones you love to work from home, and enjoy your life, in better shape.

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