Adopting ISO 9001 Standard and Why Is It Important To Us?

ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard dedicated to Quality Management Systems (QMS). It outlines a framework for improving quality and provide products and services that consistently meet the requirements and expectations of customers.

Improvement is one of the quality management systems. It asks these questions. How can a company improve its processes? How can a company ensure that it serves customers better?

That’s why in Uno Nutrition, we use this standard to gather information and make evidence-based decisions to improve our services. According to the ISO 9001 standard, these decisions are “based on the analysis and evaluation of data”.

Adopting ISO 9001 is very important to Uno Nutrition because we care for the ones you loved

Quality is an important requirement for many companies. Adhering to ISO standards can:

With a common understanding of goals and values between or among our internal and external parties, it makes the workstream seamless and guarantees that the broader vision and mission of the company is maintained.

Uno Nutrition We care for the ones you loved

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