Food irradiation as a mean of food preservation

Food irradiation is one of the techniques used to process and preserve food and it was first commercially used in Germany back in 1950s. Initially, irradiation was used to replace canning for space foods and for military rations. Food irradiation is a process of exposing food to doses of radiation or ionising energy to lessen spoilage of food and extends shelf-life.

Food irradiation as a mean of food preservation

Based on the applications of ionising irradiation for food preservation which have been discussed extensively by many parties, it can be summarised that food irradiation brings more benefits rather than harmful effects to both food producers and to the consumers.

Hence, irradiation can be considered as an appropriate technology for food preservation.

Major contributions of food irradiation include the extension of shelf-life and can reduce the number of pathogenic microorganisms in the food. In a nutshell, there is a need for depth understanding of what food irradiation is before applying the technology to a food product.

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