Following SOPs entails spending a lot of time at home. Even if you are working from home then you may find there still aren’t many other things to do than eat, drink and watch Netflix. The power of imagination is at your fingertips and you have plenty of time to try out new ideas that will keep you entertained during lockdown, including improving your nutrition. Here are some tips for home cooking and workouts that will help you and the ones you love to stay in shape during the pandemic.

Home Cooking

Try shopping around – watching what you spend is always important for living within your means. There are lots of bargains these days as prices of many items are falling. Don’t just look at the price, look at the value. Finding healthy foods to buy for you and the ones you love with a balance of protein, vitamins and carbohydrates should be a priority to help you stay in shape and to age gracefully

Try sharing recipes – you and the ones you love may have favourite recipes; spicy new dishes or herb flavoured soups. Think about the ingredients you use and share your recipes with your family and friends

Try eating smaller portions – Stuck at home most of the day, don’t spend your whole day on the couch. Cook the same amounts but eat smaller portions more regularly. Regular, gentle exercise is also important to metabolise the food you eat and the nutrition supplements that you consume

Try something new – If you and the ones you love are not already taking nutrition supplements to fill the gaps in your diet that your body needs, try some of Uno Nutrition’s healthy supplements like TRUFAST for weight loss

Home Workouts

Try a routine that works – If you don’t have much work to do at home try using your valuable free time to the maximum. Aim for six to eight or more short activities each day. You may find that breaking up your day into smaller amounts of time helps to achieve more and makes your days fly by too

Try creating more space in your home – Lockdown is a perfect time to do all the things that you meant to do at home but never quite got around to. Clearing out clutter, redecorating or building a home gym are just some things you can get started on.

Try exercising at home – Save money on your gym membership and use that garden or terrace space that you never did before to start a daily,

gentle exercise schedule of running on the spot, skipping, dancing or whatever gets you in shape

Try something new – You can still build your muscles at home in your home gym with regular exercise and nutrition supplements for building body muscle. Try Uno Nutrition’s trucasein+ as a tasty shake after your daily workout at home

Uno Nutrition Sdn Bhd provides affordable nutrition supplements for you and the ones you love to help you stay in shape during lockdown and after. Try adding some of Uno Nutrition’s healthy nutrition supplements to your diet, they will help you to age gracefully.

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