Everything in moderation. Whatever you eat or do, or even think, too much of most things can have negative effects on you, and the ones you love. Mindful and intuitive eating is all about focusing on your senses while enjoying your food with minimal distractions. As a leading provider of nutrition supplements in Malaysia and other Asian countries, Uno Nutrition Sdn Bhd provides affordable nutrition supplements for people of all ages with guidance for the optimal amounts you should consume on our labels and packaging. Here are some tips for enjoying your food too.

Too much of a good thing

It’s a natural human reaction to want more of something that you like to eat or do. Just imagine yourself at a buffet at your favourite restaurant. How many portions do you have? Are you tempted by the delicious meats that you see in front of you, or do you have a sweet tooth that keeps crying out for more? Eating slowly is one good way to help your digestion. Chatting with your family, friends or loved ones is also a good way to slow down your eating pace. Then there is exercise. Regular, gentle exercise is the best way to keep fit and stay healthy for the longest time. We don’t all need to run marathons to be a little bit healthier. On your personal nutrition journey, taking general nutrition supplements for proteins, vitamins and minerals will help your body to function optimally.

How much is enough?

Many of us are often left wanting more in life. Mindfulness is focusing on the here and now and is one good way to try to enjoy what you already have. Mindfulness is often suggested as one way to achieve happiness and to help you focus on positive things that you have at the moment, including good health. It is also a good way to make you more aware that you can use all your five senses better. Multi-sensory eating is one way to enjoy your mealtimes. Using all your five senses at mealtimes includes:

Seeing: look out of the window at your garden

Hearing: play some of your favourite music

Smelling: try guessing some of the flavours in your meal

Tasting: add some healthy spices to your meal

Touching: enjoy the textures of your food

Distractions during mealtimes can help you eat more slowly but don’t forget to focus your senses on your food, even if it’s only for one meal per day. You may find that the best meals stay with you, not in your tummy but in your memory. That meal with the ones you love to celebrate a special occasion, or the taste of a new food that you tried for the first time.

Uno Nutrition Sdn Bhd provides a range of affordable nutrition supplements for you and the ones you love to help you use all your senses to age gracefully.

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