Core Energy
Core Energy

Core Energy

Workout Amplifier and Hydration with CoreATP and CoreHydra Electrolytes. Contains CoreERGO for Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercises.

CORE ENERGY is based upon a blend of simple and complex carbohydrates and electrolytes which will provide the body with nutrients as well as influence physiological responses to fluid absorption, hydration and performance. Our formula provides two different glycaemic sources of carbohydrates for immediate and prolonged energy during long and intense workouts. The low osmolality of CORE ENERGY provides superior fluid absorption. CORE ENERGY offers the optimal absorption of both carbohydrates and fluid for endurance racing and training.

  • During & After workout


Nutritional Information & Dosage

Energy: 172kcal

Carbohydrates (100%): 43.2 g

Sodium : 500 mg

Potassium : 100 mg

Calcium : 80 mg


1 scoop (25g) + 250 ml or 2 scoop (50g) + 500 ml

Pack Size

750 g + 250 g container

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