Staying healthy during Ramadan is important for people of all ages, including millennials. The pressure from elders often demands conformity, while the pressure of modernity demands flexibility. Since Ramadan drastically changes your daily routine, many millennials desire a certain degree of freedom in deciding for themselves their spiritual journey during Ramadan, including fasting. So how can you and the ones you love remain healthy during fasting? Here are some tips.

Healthy fasting

Researchers have found that modern young Muslims are showing a different approach to their parents, and grandparents, to healthy fasting. Our health is not just determined by the food we eat, the nutrition supplements we take and regular, gentle exercise. Well-being is also an important part of life during Ramadan. Millennials love technology and many millennials rely on technology to personalise the meaning of Ramadan for themselves, and the ones they love. Millennials have different priorities and aspirations to the baby boomer generation and so they are prone to reinvent traditions in harmony with their modern lifestyle. This includes sharing healthy fasting tips through technology during Ramadan.

Millennials’ values

While the core and timeless values of Ramadan remain unchanged, healthy traditions and rituals are being reviewed by millennials that grew up with digital technologies often with unlimited access to information and digital communities. Embedding Ramadan into contemporary culture helps to preserve its traditions. A millennial uncle may now give his niece an Amazon gift card instead of cash. A busy young Muslim family may now choose, occasionally, to replace a traditional Ramadan meal with a barbeque. Then there are snacks.

Millennials’ snacks

In the busy lifestyle of today’s generation, everyone is looking for something that is easy, yet healthy. trucasein+ would be an ultimate choice for millennials, especially for their pre-dawn meals. It is quick, it is easy, and it helps to keep you full for a longer time. With the formula of micellar casein, a slow releasing protein, millennials would be thrilled to try this out. This formula is easy to make and can be enjoyed early in the morning time.

Ramadan is all about sharing, friends, and family, so why not keep it healthy whether you are a millennial or whatever generation you belong to. Don’t forget to keep taking your healthy nutrition supplements from Uno Nutrition during Ramadan. If you are a millennial, you can Instagram your favourite nutrition supplements too, to help you and the ones you love to age gracefully during Ramadan.

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