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Formula for adults

Healthy Aging Range

get full nourishment with Uno Nutrition Adults formula healthy aging range.


As indicated as per graph here. It is common to loss muscle mass as part of aging. The greater the amount of muscle loss, the higher the chances of disability and affecting quality of life.

Research indicates Protein, Leucine and Vitamin D intake will improves muscle mass in elderly.

Sacropenia and Aging

At some point in 30s, We begin the journey of age-related sarcopenia which is the process of start losing muscle and function. Sacropenia happens faster after age of 65. Loss of muscle cause us to have less stamina and become tired easily, movement become slow and limited, walk pattern becomes slower and shorter.

Energize With Sustein DM

It is common for people with diabetes to have swings of energy levels throughout the day; one minutes having loads of energy, and the next feeling exhausted. This is because their blood glucose levels in unstable. Bloodglucose is like petrol for your body's cell, and its levels varies in response to the food you eat.

What is Glycaemic Index ?

The Gi measures how cards affect your blood glucose levels, helping you choose foods for good health. High GI carbs cause blood glucose level to spike and then crash. Low Gi carbs are digested and released slowly for sustained energy.

Formula for adults

Healthy Lifestyle Range

get full nourishment with Uno Nutrition Adults formula healthy lifestyle range.

What is HMB ?

(beta-hydroxy-beta-methybutyrate) HMB is needed by the body to protect and repair muscle tissue. It slow down muscle protein breakdown and speed ing protein synthesis. Sustein Complete helps to meet your daily HMB requirement. Source of HMB from Natural Food: HMB is founded in small amount in some food, but is very difficult to get enough from diet alone.

We naturally Lose Muscle as We age

2 serves of Sustein Complete Provides 1.5g of HMB
To obtain 1.5g of HMB, one would need to eat below amount:
- 3000 Avocados
- 6500 servings of Cooked Cauliflower
Loss of lean tissue contributes to a decrease in muscle strength and power, increase risk of falls and mortality.

Benefit of VegePro

1) High-quality lactose free protein source derives from rie, pea and soy origin.
2) Contains complete essential amino acids.
3) FOS helps increase intestinal bifidobacterial and helps maintain a good intestinal enviroment.
4) Complete 28 Vitamins and Minerals to meet your daily needs.
5) Protein helps and repair body tissues.
6)Iron for red blood cell formation.

- Plant-based protein is associated with positive health effects.
- Plant-based protein offers superior nutritioal value compared to animal protein.
-There is no need to eat meat in today's day and age.

What is Aging?

At some point in our 30s, we begin the journey of aging. Hence, we will start losing muscle and calcium from our bones. However,we can delay and minimize the effect of aging.
Aging: What to expect?
Wonder what's considered a normal part oof aging process? Here's what to expect as you get older

Being active and healthy brings out the best in everyone. But it all starts with a strong bone, joint and muscle. Trubone is formulated to maximize the activeness of one's body

6 Key benefits of TruBone Silver

- Maintain Muscle & Bone Health
- Reduces Cholestrol
- Joint Health
- Maintain Strong Bone
- Prevent High Blood Pressure
- High in Fibre and prebiotics FOS