Not all of us have a healthy lifestyle. Eating the wrong food, drinking too much, smoking and not exercising enough, or at all. A healthy lifestyle is important if you want to age gracefully. It’s not that difficult to change to a healthy lifestyle. Try starting with a few, small changes and stick to them. One positive change that will help you, and the ones you love, to move to a healthy lifestyle is taking nutrition supplements. Uno Nutrition offers affordable nutrition supplements in Malaysia, and overseas, that creates a healthy lifestyle for you and the ones you love.

Protein power

Protein is good for you. Protein is also good for the ones you love. Protein keeps our body satisfied and happy as it provides us with the energy we need to get up and go, do our work effectively, play sports, and even to look good. Getting enough protein in our diets can be challenging. We don’t always know what we are eating and also don’t keep an eye on how much we eat either.

Healthy changes

It’s not good for your body to make big changes quickly. It may also not be a lot of fun. Many of us don’t get enough of the right nutrients in our diets. Whatever we eat is also not enough for total health. Our body needs regular, gentle exercise to process what we eat efficiently and effectively and our body can’t always absorb every protein, vitamin or mineral in our diet. This means taking too many nutrition supplements is unnecessary.

Whey protein supplements

Uno Nutrition offers easy to swallow protein supplements in the form of powders. It’s easy to count the number of spoonfuls you take in one day. It’s also easy to count the number of packets of powder, or the glasses of tasty whey protein shake that you drink in one day too. Taking nutrition supplements like Uno Nutrition’s Sustein Gold 55+ or whey protein shakes daily allows you to easily measure the amount of protein you take daily. This means that you can take more or less protein depending on your own particular needs.

If you are a bodybuilder then more protein is essential for your performance. For regular heavy exercisers plenty of protein gives you the extra energy you need to keep going. After 50 years old almost everyone’s body starts to change. Sarcopenia, the wasting of our muscles, is a common problem for many people as they age. Taking easy to consume protein and whey protein supplements, regularly, prevents your muscles from deteriorating and allows you, and the ones you love, to age gracefully.

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