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In these turbulent times healthcare and associated costs are increasingly important for many people. Watching what you eat and getting the necessary nourishment to stay healthy and safe is even more important now than before, especially if you or your loved one is already in health care.

Clinical nutrition, for people already receiving health care treatment, combines the scientific field of nutrition with your diet. Nutritional supplements specially designed by Uno Nutrition can meet your needs if you are already receiving health care treatment.

Nutrition for the ones you love in healthcare

Muscle up

Sarcopenia is a physical condition characterised by progressive and generalised loss of muscle mass and muscle strength. It leads to physical disabilities and reduces your quality of life. The main causes of sarcopenia are ageing and lack of physical activity and it is a slow process that only becomes visible over time.

A recent study found that one third (33.6%) of older adults in the Klang Valley suffer from sarcopenia. These findings assist nutritional experts like Uno in planning effective interventions involving high protein intake and exercise regimes to prevent, delay and even reverse the progression of sarcopenia.

Nutrition for the ones you love in healthcare

Sustein Gold 55+

Sustain Gold 55+ was specifically designed by Uno Nutrition with nutrients that fight sarcopenia. Uno Nutrition has developed this affordable, high protein supplement, in the form of an oral nutrition supplement (ONS) so that you can consume it easily. Sustein Gold 55+ includes these essential nutrients;

Whey Prote – Receiving protein in your diet directly signals your muscle tissue to build and strengthen as it is a fast absorbing protein. As we age our muscles become more resistant to this signal, so we need to consume more protein to increase muscle growth.

Leucine – Leucine is an amino acid that is important for regulating muscle growth. Rich sources of leucine include meat, fish and eggs, as well as soy protein isolate.

Creatine – Creatine is a small protein normally produced in the liver. Although your body makes enough creatine to prevent you from becoming deficient, creatine in our diet, from meat or as a supplement, benefits your muscle growth. This works better with exercise which  means that creatine will help fight sarcopenia if you exercise more, and if you exercise more sarcopenia will also be reduced.

Nutrition for the ones you love in healthcare

Regular gentle exercise

Don’t forget that, whatever age you are, even 10 minutes of gentle exercise each day will help your general health. It will also boost your fight against Sarcopenia.

Uno Nutrition’s mission is to provide nutritional solutions from Malaysia, for Malaysia and other Asian countries, at affordable prices. Uno Nutrition’s team of experts formulated Sustein Gold 55+ as a complete supplement designed to accelerate the recovery of your muscle mass from sarcopenia.

Nutrition for the ones you love in healthcare

Get a better nutrition before its to late. Visit our shop to get the product before its too late.

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