Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy  lifestyle diet and regular physical activity are major factors in the promotion and maintenance of good health throughout your life. Learn more with uno nutritionist and fitness tips.

Healthy Lifestyle

Sustein™ Plant-Based

Sustein™ Plant-Based Complete is a 100% plant-based complete and balance nutritious drink for adults. It is lactose free with protein source from soy, pea, and rice origin. It is high in protein with essential amino acids to satisfy your everyday protein intake requirements. Besides that, it is also a good source of fiber to help increase intestinal bifidobacteria and maintain a good intestinal environment. There are also 28 vitamins and minerals packed in every serving to fuel the body.

Protein + HMB

Muscle building


Protein + HMB

Maintain a good intestinal environment.



Good for eye health


Lactose Free

Suitable for people with lactose intolerent


Complete & Balance

28 vitamins and minerals packed in every serving to fuel the body


100% Plant based

Lactose free with protein source from soy, pea, and rice origin


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Healthy Lifestyle


What is tumeal for?

Trumeal is a nutritional meal replacement for healthy weight management that is suitable for individuals to achieve an optimal body weight and to imrpove health conditions such as Dyslipidemia, Diabetes, cardiovascular dieases, Hypertension and many others.

Who can consume?

Trumeal is a suitable if your BMI 30+, or if you have a BMI27+ and also suffer from conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, high cholesterol or other health risks that are associated with excess weight. A waist circumference of greater than ususal or equal to 102cm in men and greater than equal 88cm in women indicates you may be suitable for the Trumeal

Trumeal contains


What is Vegepro?

• High-quality lactose free protein source derives from rice, pea and soy origin.
• Contains complete essential amino acids
• Protein helps and repair body tissues
• Complete 28 Vitamins and Minerals to meet your daily needs
• Vitamin A and Lutein for your eye health
• FOS helps increase intestinal bifidobacterial and helps maintain a good intestinal environment
• Iron for red blood cell formation

Benefits of consuming Vegepro


Purpose of MCT Oil

Easily digestible fat calories and can be use for general health can be consume both oral and tube feeding.

Nutritional information
Healthy Lifestyle