Future of protein will work best for you when you know which protein powder supplements is the best one. Let’s us list what is best for you with our nutritionist advice.

At Uno Nutrition Sdn Bhd we understand that sufficient protein intake is key for a healthy body and for maintaining a good quality of life. Protein builds the muscles in our bodies and helps you and the ones you love fight against conditions that affect these muscles. Sarcopenia, a loss of muscle mass, is a common complaint amongst people who are aging in Malaysia and globally.

The slow deterioration in the muscles in our bodies can be prevented, and even reversed, by taking  appropriate nutritional supplements.

The Institute of Medicine suggests that 10–35% of our daily calories should come from protein. If you are not able to take this recommended amount of protein in your diet, protein supplements can help you.

Protein of the future

Protein powder

Protein powder is an easy way to help us receive the necessary proteins that we need and easily absorb them into our bodies. Many people consider supplements in the form of protein shakes, or a protein bar, as a convenient way to fit more protein into a busy schedule. Combining protein supplements with moderate, regular exercise, restores our muscles to a healthy condition. Taking protein powder in a protein shake is a fun way to take your regular protein supplement. Why not mix up a chocolate whey protein powder into a protein shake for breakfast or after a walk or gentle work out, the next day you can try vanilla protein powder for a change. Combining protein supplements with exercise helps our bodies increase the effectiveness of the nutritional supplements that we take as well as building our muscles and benefiting our overall well-being. Just 10 minutes daily, gentle exercise will increase your muscle mass and quality of life.

Protein of the future

The Future of Protein

More awareness of the benefits of protein helps current and future generations enjoy better health and better quality of life now and in the future. Whey protein is a complete protein that has a complete amino acid profile. Whey protein comes from dairy so if you have dairy allergies or follow a vegan lifestyle, this isn’t the best option. If you’re looking for plant protein powder, very few plant sources are complete proteins. So while both whey and plant protein can help you build muscle, if you choose a protein that doesn’t have all the essential amino acids you won’t see maximum results. More recently protein supplements include grass fed protein powder, organic whey protein powder and hydrolyzed protein powder. Knowing which protein powder supplements work best for you and the ones you love are the future of protein.

Uno Nutrition Sdn Bhd is committed to providing affordable nutritional supplements to Malaysians bringing international standard nutrition products and knowledge to the ones you love.

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