5 easy steps to start your own home gym

The Covid 19 epidemic has changed the way most people do most things, including going out to the gym. Being confined at home by CMCO, or fear, doesn’t mean that you and the ones you love have to stop going to the gym. Now’s the time to use your home space more effectively. Building a […]

Micellar Casein: Nutrition supplements based on scientific evidence

Whether you were good at arts or science in school, or not good at either, a good diet involves both fields. Knowing what to eat and when to eat for a good, healthy life is based on science, knowing how to find and where to find your nutrition is an art. Uno Nutrition Sdn Bhd […]

Healthy trends: Add Micellar Casein to your gym workout

Protein provides the energy your body needs for exercise and sports. Regular gentle exercise is good for your health but if you are keen on body building or weightlifting then your body needs more protein to build bigger, more beautiful, muscles. A good diet will help you to build your muscles, nutrition supplements will help […]

A suitable time for a workout that will maximise your strength

Some people go to the gym when they have the time, others make it a regular routine. Regular physical exercise has proven health benefits including weight loss and building and strengthening muscle mass. Working out is good for reducing stress and boosting your confidence and will help you and the ones you love to age […]

Four tips on when to take nutrition supplements

Getting your day off to a good start is always a good idea. It’s easier said than done if you didn’t sleep well, or are feeling stressed about work, or other emotional matters. Your body clock determines the best time to do everything, including taking nutrition supplements, but the time of day and your body […]

How much protein do you need for healthy aging?

Life is short but healthy aging should still be a priority for you and the ones you love. We are what we eat, but how much is enough? This is a big question for your life and also for your nutrition. Obesity can be a challenge for many people, so controlling how much you eat, and how often you eat involves self-discipline and nutrition planning. Proteins are essential nutrients for our bodies but how much protein do you need for healthy aging?

Highest protein foods that you should be eating

Knowing your proteins from your vitamins, and minerals, isn’t that difficult or complicated. Just take a few moments before you eat your daily meals to think about what is sitting on the plate in front of you. A great way to get into this habit is to talk with the ones you love, your family member or friends, about the proteins and other nutrients on your plate.