Supplements and complements may sound confusing, but they are simple, and good for you.
A supplement is an additional item that is necessary for you and the ones you love. A complement is something that is harmonious with another thing. Since 2009 Uno Nutrition Sdn Bhd has built its business providing nutrition supplements that are necessary for your health to help you and the ones you love to age gracefully. Uno also provides these essential nutrition supplements in affordable, easy to consume powders with tasty flavours, as complements. Try our chocoloco flavour trucasein+ Micellar Casein protein shake after working out and see how it helps.

Nutrition supplements are necessary
Taking nutrition supplements regularly is a practical way of ensuring that your body intake of protein quality and quantity is sufficient. Nutrition supplements also help to minimise caloric intake, especially for athletes. Getting the most from the least is one way to optimise your life, the same applies in sports. If you are a weightlifter, bodybuilder or a competitive athlete then your diet is as important to your performance as your training. Research has shown that achieving results for athletes is determined by a complex mix of physical training, diet and psychology. If you have a good coach to train you then you will probably achieve more wins. Then there is sports psychology, the competitive edge that you gain from thinking in optimal ways about your performance. Finally, the diet, and the nutrition supplements, that you consume are key for building muscles and managing your weight and body fat ratio.

Protein is paramount
The protein we consume in our diet gives us energy and builds muscles and muscle strength but it’s not easy to meet the needs especially if you are an athlete. Athletes need more protein as they are building and repairing muscle as well as connective tissue. The protein requirements of athletes are higher of the average person. This is a large range, allowing variation for the type of sport you play. If you are a weight lifter then the sometimes explosive nature of the sport will require even more protein than the average competitive athlete. Micellar Casein protein is an increasingly popular type of slow-release protein. Micellar Casein protein takes much longer to be digested and used by your body which makes it the perfect protein shake for getting a sustained supply of protein while you sleep, or between meals. Uno Nutrition has designed trucasein+ as a protein supplement for weightlifters and bodybuilders. We also created trucasein+ as a complement, try our delicious flavoured shakes!

Uno Nutrition Sdn Bhd continues its journey from its origins as a pharmaceutical supplier towards a biotech company by innovating affordable, easy to consume nutrition supplements that help you and the ones you love to age gracefully.

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