Enjoying a feast every evening for breaking fast during Ramadan may be one cause of weight gain during Ramadan but seeing the big picture in health and nutrition is important. Living a good life and aging gracefully is about weight management and nutrition supplements can help you and the ones you love to manage your weight better during Ramadan and beyond.

You are what you eat

Fasting from food and drinks from dawn to sunset every day, for up to 30 days in a row, probably sounds like a recipe for weight loss. It turns out that it’s more common to gain weight, no matter how old you are. Experts point to one main cause for weight gain during fasting: what you eat during the short non-fasting time, not the long fasting time, impacts you and the ones you love.

Too many calories

So, weight gain during Ramadan can be partly attributed to what you eat, but there are other causes. The energy that your body needs to function normally every day comes from the nutrition in your diet, and your nutrition supplements. This energy is measured in calories. During a month of fasting, you may have a higher caloric intake than usual and less physical activity to burn it. This means that you will gain weight, not lose weight during Ramadan. Too much of anything, too quickly, is bad for your body, and your mind. Traditional foods may be another key reason behind weight gain and evening feasts that consist of fried foods, lots of carbohydrate, and sugary drinks instead of water. The quantity of fried food may be significantly more than you usually consume. Over the entire month of fasting this adds up and by the end of the month you may have put on more weight than you have lost.

Weight management

If you have experienced weight gain this year during Ramadan, then you have a chance to plan ahead and stop this from happening again. Don’t wait for a year to pass before thinking more about and planning what you eat, daily. Now is a good time to think about what, how much, how often and when you eat, including adding, continuing, or changing your intake of healthy nutrition supplements. Uno Nutrition offers Trucasein+, a specialized nutrition supplement for all that helps you and the ones you love to manage your weight during Ramadan, and all year round. Uno Nutrition Sdn Bhd offers nutrition supplements for general health and specialized nutrition supplements for weight management, and other health issues, at affordable prices to help you and the ones you love to age gracefully.

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