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The story of Uno Nutrition: An Evolution

Uno Nutrition started its working life in 2009 as a supplier of sports nutrition products, mostly to runners and bodybuilders. Founded by Mr. Thian Seong Yee, with years of experience working in global pharmaceutical companies, who was seeking a deeper knowledge of nutrition. The body building formulas that he had been selling before were simple and he was looking for bigger challenges and to address a bigger market. Nowadays people are living longer and they are also lots of accompanying changes in human physiology, leading to diabetes, Alzheimer’s and organ failure. Thian perceived that to meet these changes properly requires more specialised nutrition. This is what Uno Nutrition was established to deliver.

Intrinsic Interest

Thian was initially motivated by his deep interest in food science and how it helps people to live longer. “The further you go into the nutrition field, or any field, the more you see and understand,” explains Thian. As Uno Nutrition evolved, he involved more scientific instruments and machines. Uno Nutrition started working more and more on product designs and with specialists such as chemists, biotech engineers and nutrition scientists. This helped to raise important questions such as ‘How safe is the food in our diets’ and ‘Is the labelling on products correct?’ Food quality is important and must be safeguarded from microbes and bacteria. Uno Nutrition began its journey from a supplier to a food technology company then to a food engineering company. Adding additional investment into developing molecular structures and getting customer feedback on how products are perceived.

Learning Curves

The biggest learning on Thian’s Uno journey comes from experimenting with new formulas and products, overcoming failures, and learning from mistakes. “To make a nutritional formula we have to do many experiments, it’s part science and part art,” says Thian adding, “Individuals are unique so finding the right people to get the job done can be challenging and then there also often a lack of technical resources.”

Nutrition strategy

Uno Nutrition has experienced double digit expansion in both sales and staffing. Evolving our business has necessitated creating our own production facilities and this has allowed us to make better quality products and use hi-tech machinery for production. Achieving ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000 in Singapore and China are just two of Uno’s milestones in quality assured nutrition. To further support our journey, we develop knowledge workers by sending our staff to international conferences and train them to continuously monitor international journals and publications to stay current with nutrition research. Uno Nutrition’ clinical studies are carried out by human testing and our products are sold regionally, including infant milk to Pakistan and body building in Southeast Asia.

Uno Nutrition’s vision is to continue to evolve from food engineering to a biotech company in the near future so we can provide you with better, more efficient and more environmentally friendly food.

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