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One stop solution

Uno Nutrition is committed in providing high standard one stop solution for our customer; from research and development to product release.


  • Bridge Nutritional Gaps in Everyone Diet
  • Proactive Health Measures Against Certain Health Conditions
  • We take pride in developing High Nutritional Drinks to feed current and new generations, at every stage of their life.


Setting new paths takes vision and drive. To have others become followers of your journey demands consistency and reliability. To withstand the sands of time and grow, you need to build a rock solid reputation. At Uno Nutrition Sdn. Bhd., this is what we have done.


Uno Nutrition Sdn. Bhd. has extensively studied the raw ingredients and reviewed volumes of independent research studies relating to its benefits. In doing so, we have gained a sophisticated understanding of the product’s features, allowing us to carefully craft products to meet the various needs of industries we serve.

At Uno, We believe in Formulating high quality products based on evidence best practice. Making supplement drinks more available to all.

Our story

About Uno Nutrition

Uno Nutrition is a lifescience nutrition company founded in November 2009 based in Singapore and Malaysia.

Uno Nutrition aim to produce full nutrition for your entire family.

Products ranges from

– infant and prenatal

– children growing up

– Sport Nutrition and healthy lifestyle

– Aging and food for special medical purpose

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Uno's quality policy

uno nutrition sdn. bhd. must provide quality service & product and maximize
customer satisfaction by active participants of all employees.

1) full filled customer requirements

To continuously adhere to the work schedule and delivery date in absence of external delay factor beyond the Company’s control.

3) work on schedule

To deliver Nutritional Product in accordance with the specifications and requirements of our clients.

2) Statutory and regulatory

To ensure compliance to statutory and regulatory; and other applicable requirements.

4) Good communication

To foster good relationships with clients by ways of effective communications and encouraging feedback.

5) Consistent quality

To use the disciplines of ISO 9001 to develop and maintain the processes needed to produce a consistent standard of quality and at a competitive cost.

7) Improves our services

That every employee constantly aims to improve the overall quality of the Company’s products and services.

6) management reviews

To document and measure quality objectives and target through internal audits and management reviews

8) quality management system

The organization aims to continually improves Quality Management System.


Lab Insight

Utilizing our experience and success in the industry; UNO Nutrition has created a customized and unique project management team, designed to fulfill our clients’ requirements with the highest quality nutritional products.

Our core team consists of highly qualified professionals. All of our team shares our vision as well as the progress and success of our company.

our products

Features to start

high in nutritien

Bridge nutritional gaps in their diet or as proactive health measures against certain health conditions.

Product quality

Formulated high-quality products based on evidence best practice and guidelines recommended.

for everyone

Make supplements drinks more available and affordable to all

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