Our Products

Clinical Nutrition

Sustein Crème

Complete thickened supplement design for people with dysphagia

Sustein Proheal

Complete and Balance Nutrition that contains EPA fish oil, MCT oil, Taurine, L-Carnitine

Sustein DM

Complete & Balance nutrition supplement designed for patients with diabetes

Sustein Gold 55+

Complete supplement design to accelerate the recovery of muscle mass

Healthy Lifestyle

Sustein™ Plant-based

Plant-Based Complete & Balance Nutrition for adults


Complete Nutrition and Plant Based Protein

TruBone Silver

Complete supplement design to bone and joint health, lower cholesterol for people living with hypertension

Sustein Complete

Complete & Balance nutrition. Enriched with HMB, Lutein.


Complete & Balance nutrition. Enriched with HMB

Infant Formula

LiMilk Lactose-Free Infant Formula

Nutritionally complete lactose free formula for infants from birth and for all ages

Sports Nutrition

Xtreme Gold Whey

High protein sport supplement, rich in BCAA and Glutamine


Advance weight management functional food

Burner Infinity

Fat burning dietary supplements

Xtreme Gain

Advanced lean mass gaining formula essential for optimum muscle building pre and post workout.

Core Energy

Workout amplifier and hydration with CoreATP and CoreHydra Electrolytes. Contains CoreERGO for aerobic and anaerobic exercises.


Creatine helps creates more muscle fuel and increasing workout


Glutamine helps in reducing muscle soreness and building and repair muscle after strenuous workout.

Extreme Fusion Advance

Rich in EAAS and BCAA. Contains FOS, enzymes, L-Carnitine and Taurine


Protein Supplement with micellar casein

Weight Management


Nutritional Meal Replacement for Weight Management


Formula food for use in Very Low Energy Diet

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